The Numbers Speak Volumes…

200 Live and on-line Events, Attendees In
Excess Of 25,000 And Over £1,000,000 In Sales

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If you were to describe what Jo and Neil do in three words it would: multiply and maximise.

Jo has an eye for getting a job done with the minimum energy and fuss in a way that multiplies an income. Meanwhile Neil magnifies a business through strategy and bringing in the right team at the right time, so as to leverage your expertise.

Both have worked in the Personal Development and Mind Body and Spirit niches for over 10 years. They are the founders of the “people helping” organisation, CommunitySoul. They have also developed products on How to discover your life purpose, The Hot Chocolate Club website dedicated to helping mums and dads with how to be a good parent and find Chores for Kids and they have also run events like the Spirited Living Summit, which gave 13,000 free spaces for people right across the globe to enjoy webinars from some of the world’s top spiritual authors and speakers.

They have now run over 200 live and on-line events with attendees in excess of 25,000 people and over £1,000,000 in sales. They’ve taken over $100,000 in high-level trainings, learnt from some of the best mentors and worked behind the scenes in other people 6 & 7-figure businesses.

Standing Shoulder-To-Shoulder Together… Your Expertise And Knowledge And Our Years Of Experience Applying Strategy To Multiply And Magnify You

Put simply, Jo and Neil are change-makers here to inspire authors, speakers, coaches and product creators in the world of personal development and mind, body and spirit to help more people faster. They have the training and the experience to the number of people you make a difference to and how much income you can make along the way.

They say their clients are people:

  • We can stand shoulder-to-shoulder with
  • Who inspire us and who they work to inspire
  • Who they see potential in and can see how they can succeed
  • Who have a potent message and are pursuing the same end results as us


Neil Says, “As much as our clients pick us, we pick them. We are never sitting across a table looking for a sweeter deal. It always has to be a win-win. We like our would-be clients to know there will never be a money exchange unless we’re happy the energy is right and we’re sure we will add value.” 


Because we have already worked in 6 and 7-figure businesses (and run three of our own businesses) we have invested in our growth and knowledge we have tried a lot, tested a lot, failed a lot and succeeded many times more than most. What this means is we spare our clients from wasting time trying what we know doesn’t work and steer them to what does work quickly, so they help the people they want to help and earn the rewards their expertise and author/speaker/coach status deserves.

Now that you know what we can do for you, go ahead ask for an initial conversation and  let’s see if we can help each other achieve our visions standing shoulder-to-shoulder. Use the contact form below.

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