Hang In A Moment Longer

I didn’t used to get the link between my health and fitness and any other aspect of my life, except my health. I saw them as two separate entities. And that was a mistake… When you are on your 9th rep with the maximum weight you can handle, or your thighs are on fire on…

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Events With Sales Pitches… Love Them Or Hate Them?

Love them or hate them I won’t be bitching in the lobby in the break. If I love the content, the pitch is worth it. If the speaker wants the audience onside the content will be valuable and the pitch seamless. But if the speaker sucks, I tune out or walk out – life is…

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Why Steve Jobs Wouldn’t Let His Kids Use A Tablet And Why I Had To Buy One

Are you keeping pace with all the tech changes… the phones, the tablets, the apps and responsive websites? Tech is moving at an almost bewildering pace. I love what it can do, but I also like to be disengaged from it. I’ve never hooked up my emails or Facebook updates etc to my phone. There’s…

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