5 “Starters” For Overcoming Procrastination

A few days ago I was procrastinating. Ever done that? It was just that what I needed to do was totally new to me and I was uncertain where to begin. In the end I decided to just make a start… just edge my way in, get going slowly and build up momentum. Afterwards I…

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The Difference Persistence Makes

The ability to persist against unseen obstacles, sometimes overcome overwhelming odds and adapt and learn new lessons or parts of yourself and make difficult decisions is what often separates the champions from the talented. There’s probably not one successful author who wasn’t turned down and rejected time and time again by publishers. But those rejections…

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7 Secrets For Delivering Great Workshops

Workshops are a great way for a coach, author and speaker to educate many people on their formula or principles all at once, but what you teach and how you teach it is an art. The seven tips below will help you deliver great workshops. The tips come from many years of experience in front…

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