How To Give A Great Media Interview: Secrets From 7 Radio and TV Presenters

Secrets From 7 Radio and TV PresentersMedia interviews are an opportunity for you to make a difference in the life of others while giving people an opportunity to get to know you.

Here are 7 quick tips from 7 Radio, TV and podcaster presenters:

  • Don’t sell. Many interviewees are so keen to ‘sell’ their product/book/company that they turn the interview into an advert – and that’s a sure fire way to turn people off! Focus on your expertise, on giving helpful advice or useful information and let your professional personality shine. By not selling – you are far more likely to engage people (and ultimately sell to them!)Chantal Cooke, award winning journalist and Director of Panpathic Communications
  • Be VERY clear about the ONE clear message you want to share. Say it as early as possible in the interview. Don’t wait, because the interview will end FAR sooner than you can ever imagine. Countless interviewees make the mistake of believing they have to answer the questions they are asked! You don’t. The skill is to ‘bridge’ between the question and what you have decided to say ahead of time. And the way to do that is to have very succinct relevant examples, anecdotes or stories you can share to help you make your key point.Roy Shepard, Former BBC Interviewer, Radio Contributor and Author
  • Add value. Leave the listeners with something they can use or think about. It also shows you know your subject.Simon Jordan, Radio Show Host and Marketing Coach
  • What makes a great interview for me is when its not an interview, but a conversation where both parties, show up, share openly as equals and get involved. So no bullshit, no masks, no ulterior motives and a great connection.Simon Sutton, Founder or Simon on the Sofa
  • When being interviewed always avoid giving one word, or extremely short, answers. It only serves to irritate the interviewer which, in turn, will make the whole event much harder. Also never ask before-hand what the questions will be as it gives the impression that you need to rehearse or research the answers.Dave Englefield, Programme Director, Pulse Radio
  • To give great interview, you have to be willing to be vulnerable and honest, to share the lows and how they made you feel, keep the highs to a minimum (but have inspirational impact) and be ready to share at least 3 x short actionable tips or trade secrets.Nicola Cairncross Podcaster "Own It" & "The Business Success Factory"
  • Know what you want your audience to learn from the interview and answer as if you know the interviewer well. Being friendly and relaxed will help to make a nervous interviewer much more comfortable.Wilma Allan The Money Midwife
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