This was a webinar we ran in 2013 but because we received great feedback we’re making available again this year.

Everyone invited to this webcast is an author, speaker, coach, mover or shaker in personal development, mind body and spirit or health and well-being.

This webcast will:

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  • Simplify your biggest single point of leverage for 2014, sharpen your focus and maximise your time and energy
  • Define the big rocks and the small pebbles that you will need to move in the next 12 months so you will get an awesome ROI on all your marketing and exposure
  • Give you 7 steps for organising and executing a solid plan for success in 2014 – I’ll walk you through the process
  • Show you how you can achieve more, more simply, more directly and with more ease and grace than ever before[/red_tick_list]

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