3 Distinctions On Keeping Focussed

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self-disciplineDo you ever feel oppressed by the idea of self-discipline? I know a lot of people are and I have to admit that from time-to-time I have my own challenges. Personally, I want to a fantastic body, but often (with equal or greater desire) I fancy indulging in fleeting pleasures. Who doesn’t, right?  

Being focussed and self-disciplined as an entrepreneur can be the difference between success and failure. If focus and self-discipline are something you struggle with take a look at my 3 favourite distinctions on the topic.

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  • Self-discipline is self-mastery. Small disciplines acted upon ever day lead to great achievements over time. When you know what you want in life you can look at every choice, every action, every opportunity as your chance to move one step closer to the big picture… And one day, you make take a step back and find that you’ve created a masterpiece.

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  • Self-discipline teaches you to operate out of principle rather than desire. It gives you the ability to say no to our impulses. It permits the truth and virtue and allows integrity to rule your life. To behave in a disciplined way is to act in alignment with your greatest values and beliefs… to activate your integrity and do what is necessary to live your own life to the highest standards… to constantly direct your actions toward a higher experience – toward self-mastery and life-mastery.

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  • When you behave in an undisciplined way… when you give yourself even the slightest ‘out,’ you unconsciously create two paths and become torn between them, creating distraction and overwhelm. Take exercising for example. When you give yourself the option to work out or not, you tend to wait all day with it hanging over your head… this daunting task that may or may not get accomplished. It lurks in the back of your mind, clogging up valuable thought-space. The same is true for all of those things we put off in business that we know we should do.


Conversely, when we behave in a disciplined way… when we simply KNOW what we are going to do, when, regardless of how you feel, you free that thought-space in your mind. You release the need to be constantly responding to daily choices and free yourself up to focus on more important life decisions.

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