5 Nuggets Of Advice For Authors By Author Advisers

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5-nuggetsWe can always learn more from people who have done the journey more than once. The contributors to this article have all given me a top tip based on their years of experience and exposure to the challenges authors come across.

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  • You need to have a marketing plan so you’ll know how to promote your book both online and offline! Most authors don’t have one! Stephanie Hale, author of How to Sell One Million Books

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  • “When writing, it’s always hard to know when you’ve finished! It does take a few drafts to tighten things up and improve the content and readability. And then there’s the copy edit, which many people think is just cosmetic, but it’s far more important than that! Things like typos, misspelt words and poor grammar can really let an author down and ruin credibility – just the opposite of what was originally intended.Of course, plenty of people go too far and do rewrite after rewrite, draft after draft, and they are never happy enough with it to release it to the world. My best advice? Plan it and write it to the best of your ability, get the professionals to do the copy edit, then release it to the world to start achieving great results! Mindy Gibbins-Klein, Founder of The Book Midwife(R)

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  • It’s so easy to fall in love with the idea of writing (especially of writing a book), and much harder to make it a reality. And, really, there is no ‘big secret’ to it – we become a writer by the act of writing, and especially by creating a consistent and daily practice.For new writers, I suggest easing into it. Set yourself a time limit – preferably a short one – half an hour is enough at first; five minutes even (because five minutes can turn into twenty). And it doesn’t literally have to be ‘daily’, three or four times a week is enough when you are not a full-time writer.When you write, don’t think about the words, just sit, distraction free, for the time you have allocated and focus on moving your fingers. It doesn’t matter how much you write, or even what you write at first; just focus on the fact you are writing. And a few weeks on, you’ll be a lot closer to completing the first draft of your book.
    Cathy Presland, author, trainer and editor of Author Unlimited

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  • One of the most overlooked elements is how you can convert browsers to stop and look and become readers. With ever more use of mobile devices and use thumb nails of book covers, you’ve got have what some may say a show stopper or hooks. l call it “The Squint Test”, if you squint your eyes what you see does make you want stop and look? You create the squint with: a title that makes people stop and look… a subtitle that shows them what’s in it for them… With descriptions that feed them more info. With an author bio that shows why they should invest time with the writer and chapter titles that engage.
    Martin Bellinger, The Expert Author Blueprint

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  • Besides clarifying what the book idea is (in detail) my top tip is to make sure that the book you are going to write is one you LOVE. It’s essential that you are deeply inspired and moved by the book, otherwise you will lose enthusiasm later on. Books written by inspired people are always higher in quality!
    Emily Gowor, is a 6 time published author, speaker & publisher.

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