PRESS RELEASE – 7-Figure Back Office Move To Promote Clients

by | Strategy Implementation

7-Figure Back Office are pleased to announce the agreement of a new partnership specifically designed to help their clients reach more people.

The partnership with Wendy Howard at Spirit Of Venus will mean a series of on-line events featuring 7-Figure Back Office clients in the next 12 months.

Neil Fellowes from 7-Figure Back Office says, ‘We’ve known Wendy for a number of years and value her creativity. We’re pleased to have her
on-board because together can help 7-Figure Back Office clients get the spotlight they deserve. It’ll raise their profiles and enable our clients to speak to bigger audiences.’

Wendy Howard says, ‘I’m delighted to be part of this collaboration. It’s an exciting opportunity to collaborate with 7-Figure Back Office. In doing so it opens up so much opportunity to propel speakers centre stage in an arena where they gain huge recognition for their work and greatly increase their credibility.’

The first event is schedule to take place early in 2015.

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