7 Sales Secrets For Selling From The Soul

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7-sales-secretsWould selling become easier to embrace if you knew that the finest sales people in the world were sensitive, intuitive, wonderful people who can appreciate the pain, suffering and needs of others and transform that with the benefit of something useful they believe in with all their heart and soul?

If you believed this how might it affect your sales and your business?

Here are my favourite distinctions on selling with soul…

  1. When you feel like you are “trying” to sell, stop “trying”.
    A sales person with an agenda pushes too hard and there is nothing uglier than someone pushing a product or service on someone else. It’s a bit like the day you first discovered butterflies. If you catch it and hold it too tight in your hand you’ll squash it, but if you carry it on an open palm it’s happy to be with you.  The other 6 tips will help you with this…
  2. Two ears one mouth
    The best way to find out what someone wants to buy is to listen to them. We’re given two ears and one mouth and one of the best rules of sales, is to use them in that ratio. The best sales people are great because they are great listeners. They are not trying to talk someone into something. They benevolently listen to you as you unravel your problem and enfold you in the warmth that just exudes from someone who shows sincerity and a genuine interest. These people are good listeners they are not focussed on what they might say next or might sell you. They get engaged with your story, your difficulties and your needs. They feel who you are, where you are at and what you need.
  3. Investigate and understand
    Questions unlock the conversation. Before you speak to a prospective buyer, it’s important to know the kind of questions that will help them tell you what they need help with. When you’ve asked the right question you don’t have to say much other than “I see” or “That’s interesting” or “Uh-huh” and other listening noises, that allow the other person to carry on speaking. It’s also useful to paraphrase or summarise what you have heard occasionally, so the buyer can feel you’ve engaged in their problem in enough depth to accept and trust the advice or wisdom you have to offer them.
  4. Allowing them to buy is more pleasant and rewarding
    To be in true service to another you have to understand their needs. In sales you must be able to blend the buyers need with the benefits of your offer in a way that is honest, wise and natural. When you get this right it can feel like dancing to the most beautiful piece of music. At this point it doesn’t feel like selling, because they have chosen to buy. You create this through creating solid offers. We have a video series on YouTube that will help you develop your packages so they sell easily. Subscribe and watch them here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MKGhsWwdzdI
  5. Don’t be drawn into disillusion
    Many years ago I needed to cold call to grow my first business. This took 4 nights per week, for 2 hours, for 6 months, whatever the weather. Honestly, it built character! Rejection hurts and cold calling is tough, especially when it’s raining and the wind is cold. What it taught me is not focus on the inevitable rejections and the occasional doors that were shut in my face, but the yeses and the people who became happy loyal customers and appreciated what I did for them. I found that on average I knocked on 64 doors per night and got 8 yeses. Those 8, and their contribution towards my future vision, helped me ignore the 28 no’s per hour and move through them as quickly as I could, keeping my energy positive and focussed on the people ready for my help.
  6. We are not all born equal
    We are all different and different people react differently in sales conversations. For many years I noticed that with most people I felt comfortable, but every once in a while someone came along and put me in a spin. In time I came to understand it was because there is a personality type that is my opposite than can ruffle my feathers. When I discovered this I found out how to manage the conversation with more ease and elegance. So, if someone throws you out, don’t take it personally, it’s a personality thing that you can learn to manage.
  7. Be authentic
    We forget to be authentic when we want to convince someone to do something i.e. when we want them to take an action that they don’t want to take. When you do this you’ll feel like a confidence trickster and you’ll hate selling. But when you listen, build a relationship, discover the needs of the other person and then match that to what you have to offer in a genuine way, it’s quite an easy natural conversation.  If you are struggling with sales register for our free report – click here.

Do you have a favourite bit of advice on how to sell without being pushy? I’d love to hear it a nd have you share it with everyone else below… 

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