7 Secrets For Delivering Great Workshops

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7 Secrets For Delivering A Great WorkshopsWorkshops are a great way for a coach, author and speaker to educate many people on their formula or principles all at once, but what you teach and how you teach it is an art.

The seven tips below will help you deliver great workshops. The tips come from many years of experience in front of many audiences. 

“Dream big but start small. Develop skill at what you do and at promoting what you do. (You can’t uplift anyone who does’t know you exist.) Power Point works for some, but I prefer to improvise; no more than 3-5 key points on an index card.  And I open my heart before I open my mouth.”
Dan Millman, former world champion gymnast, coach, and college professor, with over 16 published in 29 languages. www.peacefulwarrior.com

“My first tips would be don’t over-prepare. When we’re running the workshops within our F**k It Retreats, we will prepare a topic for the morning, even a rough schedule, but are usually off on another track very quickly.  It’s best to be open to the flow of the group. My second tip would be don’t under-prepare. For larger workshops and talks I prepare in huge detail – down to rehearsing a script for days before a big talk to a big audience. The point – use different methods for different audiences and occasions.”
John Parkin – Retreat and Work Shop Facilitator and author of F**k It www.thefuckitlife.com

“Being a great educator involves three elements. Being able to inspire people to new possibilities, to be able to teach them the “how to” so they can create those new possibilities, and being able to walk with them as a friend, coach and mentor as they take their steps on their learning journey.”
Nick Williams, best-selling author of nine books and educator www.iamnickwilliams.com 

“Not everyone learns cognitively, so try and include the multiple ways of learning: Kinaesthetically – through movement; somatically – by what and how we touch; experimentally – by our own experience and visually – we believe it when we see it!”
Becky Walsh author, broadcaster and coach www.beckywalsh.com

“Creating a safe space is important. Trust starts before the workshop begins (emails etc.). Don’t run around doing last minute stuff as they come in. Welcome them well. Your workshop has already started long before they sit down.”
John Dawson – a speaking circle facilitator since 2000. www.speaking-infront.co.uk

“To deliver a great workshop is to be 100% YOU!  Remember, many of your audience booked on the workshop because they have connected with you in some way.  By relaxing and delivering great content in your unique style, you allow your audience to express their own creative energy, have fun and leave fully satisfied, while still open to more.”
Sam Neffendorf – EFT trainer, speaker and workshop leader www.freedomhereandnow.com

“Start with the end in mind – specifically: 1) What do you want your attendees to walk away with that they didn’t have/know when they came in the room – i.e. what is the promise of the workshop? 2) What offer are you going to make?”
Karen Knowler, coach, mentor and workshop facilitator – KarenKnowler.com

Let us know which tips helped you the most. Post a comment below.

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