A Customer Support System That Reduced Costs and Improved Client Satisfaction

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Our clients are leaders in their space and we take client confidentiality very seriously so we like to keep their real names private.

A key driver for companies that choose to work with us is to satisfy customers by providing world-class services. We believe at 7-Figure Back Office in building businesses and delivering support that’s in line with our beliefs and has a significant impact on personality brands.

Lara, the business owner of a high-impact personal development company approached us for help improving their customer support services. She was particularly concerned about the customer service desk’s delayed responses to clients regarding the company’s products and programmes which was an average response time of 48 hours. It was damaging the brand, having a negative impact on client satisfaction and on repeat business.

We couldn’t wait to jump right in!

7-Figure Back Office Operations & Project ManagementLara felt she had to keep an eye on the customer service team daily, as delayed responses were causing the brand’s reputation to suffer. It was stressing her out and taking up her valuable psychic ram.  She knew something had to be done but not exactly what and as that’s our genius we were able to create the strategy and the action plan to turn things around for her.The business had lots of new clients who were excited to be participating in the new programme. However, the majority of them weren’t impressed with the time it took for the customer support team to respond to their questions. What’s more, the responses sent to clients were inconsistent. The team’s costs were also affected by this level of performance.

The Goal
We set ourselves the goal to optimize the customer support service, to shorten the time it takes to respond to each query to 1 hour or under and to bring consistency to the service provided to improve client satisfaction. We also wanted to reduce the support team’s costs by creating efficiencies within their systems & processes and have them work in an organized way. The success of the customer support desk would also lead to improved brand reputation and support repeat business.

The Results
7-Figure Back Office achieved 98% improvementThe end result was exciting! The streamlining worked its magic, and the response time for customer service was now 1 hour maximum (during working hours) down from 48 hours – that’s a 98% improvement! Client emails clarifying inquiries or reiterating queries were also reduced. The team could now efficiently prioritise the support tickets.

With a better client onboarding system in place, the number of new tickets decreased significantly. Clients received prompt responses because the bank of standard responses that were created and all ambiguities were addressed by using a standardised approach to answering questions. The team’s costs were also brought under control and the brand’s image was significantly improved.

The Plan of Action

7-Figure Back Office Operations & Project Management Strategy

Getting to the root of a problem is the first step toward solving or managing it. You can’t build something that will stand the test of time without first surveying the land. So, we began the project’s discovery phase.

Once we’d completed our deep dive findings and discovery phase we created the strategic plan for achieving the desired outcomes.

The plan included areas such as:

  • Optimizing the client onboarding process
  • A FAQ portal through which clients could self-support
  • Standardising responses for the support team to ensure accuracy, consistency and speed
  • Creating a new Standard Operating Procedures
  • Implementing Service Level Agreements and team training plan

The Happiness Impact

7-Figure Back Office driving customer happiness
Clients were satisfied with the promptness of the responses from the customer support desk. The customer support team felt more confident now that the customer assistance systems and processes were in place and they were able to get the clients the information they needed with more efficiency. All that, plus the team costs reducing meant Lara was also happy.

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