AB Split Testing Will Save You Money On-line

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If you intend to invest in Pay Per Click, Social Media or bring in affiliate partners you must do AB split testing first. If you don’t you are liable to lose money and upset people.

Although a lot of website owners and marketers are AB split testing their web pages and websites, most website owners still don’t know this is available or even what it can do for them.

What is AB Split Testing?

AB split testing is when you test one web page version against another version. For example, you may create two identical versions of one web page, but alter the heading and test which increases visitor response.

Why is AB Split Testing Important?

AB Split Testing is important because it shows a website owner which version of a web page engages their website visitors the most. With time and testing it gives you predictable visitor behaviour. It increases your sales to the best point you can and it shows your web pages in their best light.

If you intent to invest in Pay Per Click or in Social Media expertise or bring in affiliate partners before you AB split test you increase the chances that you will lose money or upset your affiliate partners who may refuse to work with you again.

The Benefits of AB Split Testing

The main benefit of AB spit testing is that you create the best versions of web pages. It helps you predict visitor response. This means when you advertise or use affiliates to drive traffic to yoru web pages you can do so confidently.

What do you AB split test?

What you split test really comes down to your goal. You can test

  • The headline
  • A call to action
  • A photograph or video
  • Font size or colours
  • Pricing
  • Amount of text on the page (short or long version).

 How do you do AB Split testing?

It’s not too hard to set up through Google optimizer if you don’t mind fiddling with a bit of code. When you begin AB split testing make sure you test both you’re a version and your B version simultaneously.

When you get the results don’t be swayed by your gut feeling or your own desires – the stats paint the picture and you need to go with that.

When you begin AB split testing set a limit as to how long you will run the test for.

An AB Split Testing Case Study

On a recent launch of www.hotchocolateclub.com we began by AB split testing 5 opt-in pages with 5 different offers, but we tested each of them with two versions. That means we split tested 10 pages.

During the testing period we found one offer that out performed all the others by over 5%. The page you now see as the home page is the winner of the 10 pages we tested. It average 46.6% conversion over the test period.

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