7-Figure Back Office Is Where Personality Brands In Personal Development & Wellness Come To Take Their Business To The Next Level

With 25 years in business management, team development & digital marketing, Jo Fellowes understands what personality brands in personal development, health and well-being require to be successful.

Jo’s passion for personal development began in her 20’s while working in the finance sector, helping individuals within teams grow. Seeing how people transformed, with the right support led her to learn more and continue to grow herself, leading her to explore health and wellness.

Today, she is a director of a speaker’s agency specialising in working with change-makers. she is also a director of a wellness platform which helps more people find what works for their health… and she is co-founder of 7-Figure Back Office.

A passionate researcher, Jo, is the perfect partner for personality brand creators in personal development and wellness. While the brand owner focuses on the creative ideas, Jo’s focus is on “how to” turn that vision into living, breathing, profitable products and services.

7-Figure Back Office was developed to support personality brands make a bigger impact. Often, a brand has hit an earning ceiling when they begin working with 7-Figure Back Office. Jo provides the strategy that helps them resolve the issues that cause that stuckness.

Usually, Jo will work with you on a specific project for 90 days, helping you develop the strategy, and where required working with you to turn an idea into a profitable asset. This could be creating a product or programme, producing a 6-figure launch or developing a high income event model.

While Jo comes with her own team of trusted outsourcers, she can also project manage your team, holding them accountable to the project targets, to ensure a successful outcome, or coach and mentor you through a project. 

7-Figure Back Office is the place where personality brand owners develop their next income stream quickly, while doing it in a way that serves them, their teams, their community and the planet.