Outsourced Marketing & Operations Directors

Neil & Jo Fellowes work as Outsourced Directors. These days they work individually, with different companies, but in the past they have worked as a team on the same projects.

Next Level Scaling: What to Expect

7 Figure Back Office help you scale.

Past clients have gone from start-up to 6 figures in 5 months; £80,000 to £780,000 in a year and 7 figures to 8 in 18 months.

Other clients, ones we’ve worked with short term, have made step changes including going from no online sales, to 74 in 2 weeks; making no sales at events to making £56,000 in 90 minutes; one small sales process tweak also enabled a client to earn £14,000 a year extra more than 4x what they paid us for the consultancy.   

Scaling a business means transcending boundaries and limitations.

Will you be the next success?

Outsourced Marketing & Operations Directors

The Outsourced Marketing Director

Neil Fellowes brings marketing strategy, campaign development and brand cohesion to your organisation. He cuts out the guesswork for you and builds a simple pathway to success.

The Outsourced Operations Director

Jo Fellowes builds and empowers teams, cuts costs and manages growth in a methodical manner.


Industry Experience

Neil & Jo Fellowes have run over 150 live events and been involved in over 200 online launches. There work has enabled there clients to generate multiple millions in income.

There frameworks are actionable and repeatable. Usually a business will begin to see gains within 90 days, gathering momentum as strategy begins to take hold, processes begin to click and teams begin to gel.

What we care about

We care about making a difference through the businesses we work with.

For us, it’s never about the money. The money is a measurement for the value being exchanged.

Many of our clients are in the health, wellness and personal development niches. However, we also work with online colleges, as well as more traditional local businesses.

What matters to us is that the companies we work with care about the quality of what they deliver and have a care about the wellbeing of the planet as well as people on it.