An Important Message If You Are Not Yet Earning Over £35,000

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I’ve learnt something mentoring 15 start-ups over the last year…

I discovered it completely by accident while writing articles on a train between Victoria and Gatwick.

You’d think with nearly THREE DECADES of sales and marketing experience and about a decade of coaching and mentoring, I’d know it all by now, but honestly, like you, I’m never gonna stop learning.

I believe the intensity is what’s done it. I mean the focus of working with 15 entrepreneurs all at that foundation level: starting up, finding their feet and discovering that courage to get out there…

We call our clients at this level our Limelight clients.

The Lesson Learned From helping 15 Start-Ups In One Year

Limelight is different to any coaching or mentoring programme out there. At 7-Figure Back Office we don’t just tell you what to do for an hour and leave you to it. We’ve got a huge resource library and we give you access to it when you need it. When we sense a breakthrough coming on for you we’ll also roll up our sleeves and push you through before you start looking over your shoulder with worry.

And do you know what I love about it?

It’s a lot like being a partner in 15 start-ups all in one year. I love nurturing the talent. I love seeing the opportunities. Melding the strategy.  Solidifying the uniqueness. It’s very exciting.

But here’s what I’ve learnt…

If a client at Limelight level does one thing they can reach a level of income between £18,000 and £35,000 within 6-9 months.

I can say that confidently because 27% of the group have done it and the others are all on the journey, but will need a little more time, based on what they are personally working through.

But even if it took 12 months, that’s still a pretty impressive ROI, is it?

But you’ll want to know what one thing our Limelighters are doing…

So let me share that with you…

The Characteristic Of Successful Start Ups That Leads To Success

The most important characteristic all our Limelighters have developed is COURAGE.

They’ve found that courage as they get good at selling themselves.

You see, “the get passed go secret” in business is being comfortable with selling. You can’t hide from that. It’s THE survival skill of business. If you can’t do it, you have to learn. If you don’t, sooner or later you’ll sink.

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Selling comes in different forms. Our Limelighters are mastering it 1-2-1. They are generating leads in different ways, depending on their uniqueness and interests then getting into conversation with people and learning to sell in a laid-back, easy-going style.

In the last few months we’ve seen typical sales conversions reach between 67% and 90% (and I have to say, they are still learning!).

For me, it’s exciting. I love seeing people grow. I love seeing an entrepreneur master themselves, raise their game and deliver even more profound change in the world. It’s soooo exciting.

If you want to learn more about why you are not selling and getting new clients, try our free report:

If you are fed up with not getting your business idea out of start-up mode, think about joining our Limelight programme. Just drop us an email and we’ll set up a time to talk.

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