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More sales conversations

I developed new packages, got more sales conversations and had more people want to work with me than ever before in one month.

Julie Ann Heart, Entrepreneur

74 online sales in 2 weeks!

These guys took all the stress out of marketing my business. Within a couple of days of our meeting them and marketing process was live. Within three weeks I was delivering events. Neil in fully connected with my message and was copywriting for me in what way that I didn’t believe was possible. These guys show you how to sell with heart and completely respect the value of your clients. I made 74 sales in the first two weeks of working with them. I was amazed.

Dawn Breslin, Best-selling Author, TV Presenter, Coach & Trainer

We just couldn't have done it without you

[£40k in one day] We just couldn’t have done it without you.

Emma Sargent, Entrepreneur

I cannot recommend highly enough

As it says on the tin, 7-figure back office took away a lot of pain and gave excellent service. Along the way they guided me through all the elements of marketing, launches and leveraging my collateral. The quality of work was excellent and it was a pleasure working with such great support. I finally found my team who I could rely.  I cannot recommend highly enough – and I look forward to a long and productive relationship.

Christine Nicholson, Consultant

Superb quality, amazing experience

Possibly one of the best design experiences I have ever had! Seamless design; understood my every request and showed great initiative in understanding my work and coming up with appropriate imagery. Absolutely brilliant value for money to the point that, dare I say it, I almost feel as if I underpaid them! Superb job, thank you so much!

Ali Norell, Author & Coach


Scaling Up Free Business Audit

You’re a passionate changemaker and you feel you are ready to scale, reach more people and make the world a better place. You have a great message and your business is going places. Your product or service is in demand but you are becoming the bottleneck in your business. Almost everything relies on your input and if you take time out… things come to a halt.

You want to know how to change this and go to the next level.

Apply for a complementary scaling up business audit here. I’ll show you what you have that can work better, plus what you need that is missing.

Scale-Up Consulting

Maybe you’ve noticed that what used to work, doesn’t work the way used to? This is your business telling you things need to change. It’s like your car engine revving when you need to change gear. I help coaches, speakers and consultants resolve this by putting together a pathway to the future that frees you from non-income related tasks.

In consultation with you we develop the plans, processes, projects, and systems that will sustain the business for up to 10x growth.

The strategy we create will encompass marketing requirements, efficiency, and profitability.

Ongoing Partnership

Ongoing Partnership on a retainer basis is similar to the above, Operations Consulting, but in the partnership, I project manage the changes for you, developing the processes, projects and systems with your team. We develop rhythms, momentum and accountability, as well as recruit new, on-mission team.

Areas of Focus


Attracting the right partners, and team, right people doing right thing. Right people makes all the difference. Create a happy and engaged team and will mean you enjoy your business life more, more satisfaction.


Different to the day to day firefighting, Big picture, longer team, sustainable growth, plans will meet yours and your businesses financial needs and life style needs, Values, Purpose, Mission is sorted and clear. BHAG’s, brand promise, market analysis.


All processes running smoothly, without drama, efficiency and effectiveness. Using data to inform decisions, business success rhythms, client journey running and lead capture. Getting things done timely, projects on time and on budget.


A flow of leads, flow of sales, cash flow, having cash to grow, financial management tools and advisors, monitoring and tracking.

When you work with Jo, you can expect

  • Experience implementing over 200 launches
  • Project leadership
  • Clarity on challenges and well formed solutions
  • Development of flow and ease with solid systems and processes
  • Creation of successful business rhythms
  • Clearly defined project plans
  • Accountability of realistic milestones
  • Development of solid systems and processes