Business Marketing Industry’s Dirty Little Secret

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There’s something a lot of guru’s/coaches and mentors would probably rather you not know. But we’re about to tell you anyway…

It might shock you.

Others might not believe it….

But I suspect by the time you’ve read this you’ll be getting the picture…

The business help industry is perpetuated by selling you stuff you probably almost never need and that will probably never give you the results you want (I guess that’s no different to marketing the whole world over though!).

Why You May Not Get Your Return On Investment

You might be feeling like you want to disagree with me… especially if you just made a major purchase for a new product.

But here’s the truth…

You probably don’t need it…

And you’ll probably never get your return on investment from it.

And here is why…

The tools and technique and solutions, like Facebook and Social Media products, the courses and CD sets, the how to do webinars and seminars stuff etc… Don’t buy it… you probably don’t need it and most of it will never work for you any way.

Never Stop Learning

That said, I’m not knocking products or anyone’s willingness or curiosity to learn about what we can do – that’s important stuff, I agree. But what I am saying is that until you have a STRATEGY in place and you know what tools and techniques are going to be valuable to you, you are, most likely just giving your money.

Until you have a strategy worked out, everything else is just opportunity seeking.

It’s hope.

It’s guess work.

But Should you Keep Buying More Products?

Let me show you what I mean… a guy I was speaking to recently at an event had invested in a programme to generate more leads to their website. £997 it cost him. And it’s true we all need leads, but here is the issue…

You really don’t invest in leads until you have conversions happening. (Which he didn’t). That £997 would have been better spent learning how to get conversions. At least then he would have had some return on investment to invest in lead generation.

And that’s the power of strategy. It’s knowing what you need… going there… fixing it… moving on.  This is something we do all the time with our clients. We look through a launch or a marketing campaign and we find the thing that’s been missing that would give them a quantum leap.  This way, when they invest, they are investing very specifically, which can immediately be turned into a satisfying return on investment.

I believe this is a valuable service and I believe it’s a great way to use someone’s products, get very specific, get great results and then give them great testimonials about their work. I know all mentors/coaches/gurus love those kinda stories.

So first, get a strategy. If you then buy a product that can help you implement you’ll get your ROI on it.

Everything has it’s timing and unless you have a strong strategy built, you don’t know that timing and therefore everything is hit and miss.

I know a lot of coaches and mentors and guru’s would rather you not think about what I’m saying and encourage everyone to keep buying blindly, but as buyers wouldn’t you much rather have return on your investments?

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