Scale Your Business To Run Without You

Free Coaching Offer

I’m offering FREE COACHING to purpose-driving business owners who want to scale their business to work without them. If this interests you, read on…

Do you suffer from one (or more) of these problems?

During the last two decades I’ve worked with medium and big named personality brands in personal development and wellness. They bring about huge change in the world, but despite the persona of success, they were often unhappy with a number of things in the business when I began my work with them. If you suffer from similar issues, I’d like to help you too.

The typical problems are:

  1. Your team are earning more money than you and you feel overworked, underpaid and at capacity and you don’t know how to change this
  2. Everything in the business runs through you and nobody can make a decision without you
  3. There is always something new to learn or do… and it can feel overwhelming
  4. You don’t have enough time to do everything – you often feel like you are rushing just to keep up
  5. You want to just focus on one thing and make it world-class – but find you are too stretched to do it justice

What Will The Coaching Give You?

7-Figure Back Office tackles all the internal bits that most strategist’s miss – planning a project in thorough detail, finding the right people to grow your business, bringing in the right system or process or strategy at the right time. Our clients say, we help them bring their vision to

The free coaching will give you:


Clarity on how to break down your biggest challenges to find easy solutions


Answers to your biggest questions and challenges so you can unblock them


Gain insights in to how to remove complications and concerns about scaling

Why is this free?

When you see the word free, you know there’s a catch, right?  There isn’t one –  I’m putting this free coaching together to better understand the current challenges you face because I would like to ensure our future products and services cater for those needs. I want to hear direct from you so I can selfishly make sure that anything I create will work. So you get the benefit of the coaching and I get your input. It’s as simple as that.

Free Coaching Offer

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