How to Get Leads & Sales From Free Talks

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Do you give free talks and fail to get leads and sales from them?

If that’s you then here is some psychology that might help you change this.

Where you sell, the timing of what you offer and how you sell it is important as Limelight client Sam Neffendorf knows.

Sam, who supports his clients on their journey to health, wealth and happiness using techniques including Matrix Re-imprinting and EFT spoke to me last month. Before we spoke he’d been doing lots of short talks and getting good feedback, while not getting sufficient buy-in from people wanting to take it further.

The key understanding about getting leads and sales from free talks

Understanding the kind of places Sam typically spoke at, helped me to help Sam unpick how to get the results he most wanted.

Ultimately what Sam wanted is no different to what you would want… you’d want people to buy from you.

With some things in business there is a one size fits all kind of strategy, but with speaking opportunities, this isn’t the case.

Not all speaking opportunities are created equal. There are some you shouldn’t try to sell at. There are others you shouldn’t try to sell high priced offers at. But you always want to come away with something for your time and energy, right?

The mental shift that gets leads and sales

What changed for Sam was all about his intention, giving value, giving more value and then giving greater value. He also starting people off at a level that respected what level he’d met them at.

Since speaking to Sam he’s reported that his first talk after we spoke produced leads from two-thirds of the audience and the follow up calls have already produced sales. The next talk got similar leads and an immediate sale.

We love Sam’s story because, one again, it demonstrates when you think about the person you are marketing to and you honour that person with thought and love and respect, the results return. And that person who buys, goes on to improve their life – which is why we love helping speakers like Sam, because every time we help a Sam, loads of other people get the help they need!


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