Hang In A Moment Longer

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I didn’t used to get the link between my health and fitness and any other aspect of my life, except my health. I saw them as two separate entities. And that was a mistake…

When you are on your 9th rep with the maximum weight you can handle, or your thighs are on fire on an uphill run or your arms shake as you get your nose off the floor and complete one more push up, you learn something about yourself.

Do you quit or do you squeeze out one more rep, another 10 strides, another push up?

In that split second of decision you discover your habitual nature…

Can you resist the overwhelming desire to give up?
Can you resit the temptation to be a fraction less than you could be?
Can you resist the will to give up a moment before breakthrough?

If you can push aside the impulse to quit, you grow. You transform. It’s no longer only about exercise. Now it’s about a better life…

It becomes the power to act from your gut, because of a principle greater than the will to give up.
It becomes the capability to continually improve day on day.
It becomes a new habit to hang in there a moment longer, to expand your comfort zone and have life bend to your will…

An extra a rep, stride or push up instills discipline, raises a standard and takes you closer to your true greatness.

Now bring that idea into your business or work. What could you achieve by hanging in a moment longer? You don’t have to be the best in the world, just your best… and a little better,  a little bigger, a little more whole.

I love a project I’m working on. Alongside 7 Figure Back Office, we’re working on TotalWellness.club. And this project has me thinking outside of the box, not just in business, but in life. I’m learning daily from experts in many different fields, from Mindfulness Meditation, right through to Juicing Recipes.  But we’re growing in other directions too, a bigger network, another side to the wellness industry as well as changes to SEO and Social media! Everyday I’m learning, expanding and growing…

Even when I’m exhausted, long after I should have quit for the day because I want to achieve something better than I had yesterday.

The principles above have certainly helped me. It would have been easy to have given up because we got frustrated with the whole proposition early on. Had we done that we would have missed a discovery that will transform how people in the wellness industry can sell their services with greater subtlety and grace, without even speaking to a prospective client!  If you want to learn more, just contact us.

What can you learn about yourself in that moment of desire to give up? What could be different or better if you went a little further? What might be on the on the other side?

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