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In my relationship something I want to be aware of are my wife’s needs – and when I’m doing my job right as a husband I’m aware of those needs even before Jo is.

It means I listen. I watch. I become aware of what’s not even been said, but still there to say… what’s desired, but not asked for.

And then I need to act… even when that acting scares me or calls me to be better or give more than ever before. But that’s what you do in love right?

But do you do that in your marketing?

Marketing is a lot like love… because if you want to the relationship to continue, you’ll keep showing up, giving your best and growing in a fearless way, day after day.

Last year we began a document that expressed our marketing philosophy alongside 11 other inter-related areas of our business that build our relationship with everyone our business touches.

Honestly, it’s a piece of work!

Tongue in cheek, I call it my business bible.

It takes the philosophy and ideas we have about the way we want to show up in relationships to everyone our business touches. It also helps us to notice our priorities, define our actions, develop our habits and measure our efforts.

The Power of Intention

Those of you who are into Mind, Body and Spirit might recognise the energy of ‘intention’ at work here. Our clients will recognise this as what we often refer to as ‘rhythms’.

Because we’ve put love into our business in this way we can see where our clients will come from, appreciate what they have already been through, know what they will have seen before they buy, what they’ll get when they do buy and the journey we expect to take them on when we work together.

There’s very little left to chance.

The fact we do is something that helps us know a client’s needs before they do. That means we see their blind spots and already know what needs to change or be done.

Here are some questions for you to consider:

  • Does your marketing reflect you?
  • Does your marketing reflect your personal values and choices?
  • Will it attract the right clients for you?
  • Does it reflect how you want to show up in the world and the best you have to offer?
  • Does your marketing have different systems and processes for leads, sales, conversions and outreach?
  • Have you thought deeply about what your client needs at all steps through their experience of working with you?

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