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New clients are the fresh injection every entrepreneur needs to get started and keep growing. In this article I am going to look at how to get new clients, but with a new slant that I think you’ll love.

I am going to look at several ways you can get new clients, but the little twist I’m going to I’m going to add will be liberating for many people who have been trying to get business in ways they find difficult and unrewarding.

In this article what we are about to do is look at how you get clients based on your skills and natural talents.

If you have been looking, but struggling to get any headway on how to get new clients for a while, it’s easy to be tempted by an offer from a guru that makes claims like, “How to get new clients through social media in 90 days” or “How to get clients through xyz this week”. But if you have ever bought one of these “Magic Pill Programmes” and found it didn’t work, or didn’t quite match up to the promises made, then you will love a moment of enlightenment I had about the successes we’ve had with getting new clients…

Interpreting Our Statistics On How To Get New Clients

Recently, I was looking at our stats. As I read them I had one of those lovely “A-ha” moments. And that’s what’s inspired this article and what I am about to share with you.

Looking at our stats I could see that 46% of our clients come through me meeting people at events. 31% come from referrals. 15% come via social media and under 7% come online. While the stats are interesting my interpretation of them might be more enlightening.

If I was creating a product on how to get new clients about now I might give it a USP about how to  get new clients from events. But would that work for you? Probably not.

Here’s why?

If you were to analyse my behaviour at events you’d find that I have an easy going attitude that puts people at their ease. I tend to put the pretence of events to one side and just try to connect with people at a very real level. I’m not in any rush to find out what someone does or to sell them something. My desire is just to see if we can be friends.

I don’t know if I should call that a gift or not, but it is something that comes naturally to me. I think that people who are not so comfortable with all the networking at events tend to warm to me as a result of the way I am. What this means is that we become friends over the course of a day or weekend event and the follow-up connection that happens after the event is then easy and wanted by both of us.

A Different Psychology Behind How To Get New Clients

Something to keep in mind is that my success and my style isn’t for everyone.

We’re all built a little different.

While I’m a natural when I am one-to-one with people, I’m less so if I am on stage speaking one to many. Some people are built this way and many of their clients come from this. Most of our clients are built this way and for the clients reading this I encourage you to keep doing what comes most naturally to you.

Here’s why…

In the past, I’ve had the pleasure of seeing clients using their strengths on stage as they closed hundreds of thousands of pounds in business.

Really, this is about you finding what works well for you and then developing a little process to nail the deal for you.

Our second strongest way of bringing in clients at 7-Figure Back Office is via referral.

And if you are saying to yourself, “I don’t have enough clients to get referrals,” then read on. You’ll find this eye-opening…

Yes, clients can and do refer us, but what we have begun to build is a referral network. Again this works on the back of my natural ability and desired method of working – to connect with people one-to-one – and later find a deal that adds to their wealth, as well as mine, and provides a mutual third party with benefits they are looking for.

That’s a win-win-win!

For those of you who like to be on stage, you may be more effective setting up videos where you give high quality information that people love and want to share.

Again, when it comes to how to get new clients it’s really all down to your personality and what works easily and naturally for you.

How To Get New Clients Using Social Media

How we got new clients using social media once again boiled down to how I connect with people one-to-one. I’m taking what I do well at events and adapting it to a new forum.

A lot of social media gurus talk about connecting to your audience. And this is interesting…

For a long time I scratched my head over this… “How do I connect on social media?” I wanted to know how to connect. I read a lot and heard a lot from experts, but in the end I just fell back on what I do best… just go out there and make friends on a one-to-one basis.

For me, it’s not what you see on my wall, or about how many I connect with on linked-in, it’s what goes on behind the wall and how deep I take those connections that matter.

Interesting Stats On How To Get New Clients

While you could look at the stats above and think, “Okay I need to go to events”, I want to encourage you to pause. Think about what comes easily and naturally to you and then go and do that.  You don’t need 10 marketing methods working for you. You don’t need to do something you hate that feels like prostitution.

You just need to get one or two ways of getting new clients working that you really enjoy and find easy. You then create a process for it and keep repeating it. When you get this right you will have clients pouring in through the door.

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