How To Stop The Struggle With Selling

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Does selling come easily and naturally to you?

If you struggle with selling, read on because selling is actually easier than you imagine… it also doesn’t have to be the yucky experience many people make it.

Why Is The Ability To Sell So Important?

The ability to sell can make the difference between struggling to get a wage out of your business and achieving your dreams.

It’s that important.

With sales mastered you can fill your programmes, sell your products, help more people and earn the money you deserve because you’ve served more people.

That income might mean extra education for you in your business. It could mean paying off debts and being financially free or it could mean being able to enjoy life without the worry of where the next client or sale will come from. It could also mean material fun like a new car, a dream home or just a holiday.

What Is Selling?

Some people see sales people as aggressive, pushy people who are just after your money. And that is the way some people do it.

But it can also be a higher calling.

It can be something honourable, graceful and fulfilling.

If that sounds a little too much like a fairy-tale let me share something with you…

The word “sell” originates from the word “serve”.

In the personal development and mind body and spirit industry when you sell your service to someone you are offering them the chance of healing something in their life.

If you don’t sell/serve that might well continue to suffer.

And I think you will agree when someone makes a profound change that you facilitated that you feel you have been of service to them.

But if that’s true, why do so many people get hung up when it comes to selling?

What Are The Selling Hang-ups

I’ve written a report on this topic. It’s called Why You Are Not Making The Sales You Want.  It covers what stops you from making sales.

Sometimes that’s mindset.

Sometimes that’s belief.

Sometimes it’s training.

Sometimes it’s about finding a way that works for you – something easy and natural.

You can sign up for my report below.

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One of the biggest hang-ups people have about selling seems to be that they feel it’s pushy, salesy or manipulative.

The way some people do it is.

But that doesn’t mean you have to do it that way, does it?

There is a way to do it that is easy, natural and authentic.

I’ve been in sales and marketing in one form or another for 28 years, so I’ve seen the good, the bad, the ugly and the very ugly.

I invested a small fortune in learning how other people sell, influence and motivate people, then I looked at how I could use what I knew in a way that helped people make an informed decision.

Nothing pushy. Nothing salesy.

And I want to encourage you to find the way that works for you as soon as you can, so you can help more people.

My free report Why You Are Not Making The Sales You Want is a great next step if you are stuck and not making the sales you could be.

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