How Successful Authors And Speakers Achieve Their Goals

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How many weeks into the year are we?

How are you progressing towards your goals for the year?

Oh… did you forget you even had a goal… or did you even forget to create one for the year?

Like me, I’m sure that down the years you have created important and meaningful goals only to discover life happened.

Why does this happen? Why does this keep happening? Or better…

How do you stop it from happening and create a process where goal achievement becomes as easy as pealing a banana?

From our experiences and through those of working with our clients we find that entrepreneurs brains work fast and ideas flow through them like electricity does through a bulb. This means that it can be easy to get distracted.

Here are 6 very interesting facts you MUST know about setting goals…

  1. When the goal is defined and specific it takes on real meaning. This means you increase your chances of success.
  2. When the goal is broken down into simple steps it’s easy to identify where the knowledge and resource gaps appear. It’s then easy to fill those gaps. This means you flow towards your goal with zero (or very few) hold ups.
  3. When the goal is defined it’s easy to see where you will be most challenged and what help you need. This means you can hire in the help before you need it and keep moving without getting stuck.
  4. When the strategy is mapped out opportunities that come to you fall into two categories. They are either part of the plan or banked for a time when they are more useful. When you welcome all opportunities with this clarity they never distract you. They either help you to you goal or hinder the goal.
  5. When your goals are clear you can look at all your actions and know if they move you towards your objective or distract you.
  6. When you have accountability in place with someone you do not want to tell you failed and who can give you a butt-kick or a strong nudge and a helping hand, you will achieve your goal with more grace and ease.

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