How You Build Or Lose Credibility Through Speaking And Writing

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Have you ever stopped to consider that every time you speak or write you will build or damage the relationship you have with your potential clients?

Does this surprise you?

If you are not yet getting the results you want from talks and your website then this short – but punchy article will be a Godsend for you!

Your brand and good name can be damaged by giving too much information too soon. It can be equally damaged by not giving enough information.

Probably the worst kind of damage you can do is to not make the information you give relevant to your ideal customer.

There is a time and place in every presentation and on every website where credibility and empathy is important. You have to build this in order to show a client you understand them and their challenge or problem.

However, in our experience – 5 years helping clients with web pages and presentations – too many web pages and presentations damage the relationship at the moment it should be being built.

Here are three quick rules of thumb on how to build or lose credibility through speaking and writing…

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  • Make personal statements in quick and powerful ways. Honestly, you can build credibility, vulnerability and empathy in less than 30 words and you can destroy it equally quickly!
  • Relate everything you say about yourself to your audience. Your audience or website visitors really don’t really care how clinically depressed you once were. They don’t care what dosage of tablets you took, or that your spouse left you at Christmas. They don’t care they emptied your bank account, took the car and the kids and your presents and moved as far away as possible. And they will draw their own conclusions about why our spouse only told you on your Facebook wall.What they do want to know is why they should pay you a penny or move heaven and earth to work with you. What they really want to know is that you bounded back from the depth of despair to lead a wonderful life and that they will be in good hands when they hand over their hard earned money because you’ve gone on to help thousands of people.
  • Share your story in a way that educates your audience about their problem.


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