It’s Often Easier Than You Think

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You know as well as I do there are things you need to do that you just haven’t got around to.

Getting things done is a bit of a puzzle sometimes. It’s something I’m tuned into because of what we do at 7-Figure Back Office.

And there was a moment recently – a moment when a new client shifted by a clear mile in an area they had been stuck in for months. I’d like to make you privy to that moment in the hope my insight is helpful…

The moment came during my third new client call of the afternoon. You might be familiar with the scenario, because we don’t need to kid ourselves about this, do we? There’s never any shortage of things to do, are there?

Add it up… clients to serve + speaking engagements + writing + workshops + all the creative stuff + all the other marketing that needs to be done = one very busy bunny!

So it seems okay to leave some of those less pressing things + the things that need thinking about + the things you don’t like doing… even though YOU KNOW they REALLY SHOULD get done.

So, here I was. I had just returning from a summer break, on my third new client conversation of the afternoon when I spotted the pattern…

The cause of your delay

The cause of your delay isn’t that you don’t know things need to get done.

It’s not that you couldn’t resolve it. It’s just that you don’t.

And you don’t because…

It takes time to work out what’s needed.

And sometimes you don’t know where to start with that – because you don’t know what you don’t know.

So, then you have to find someone to help you know.  And that just opens up a new can of worms…

Who? Exactly what? How much? And then what?

The pattern is this… you know enough to know that something needs doing. But you don’t know exactly what and you may not know how to find out. So you don’t do anything straight away.

But that becomes a day. Which becomes a week… Which becomes a month – which, in the case of new client number three – had become SIX MONTHS!

It’s the buttons that hold you back

The third client that afternoon after my summer break had been tied up in knots for far too long.

They knew they needed to do something differently to expand their reach to new clients. They knew the answer. They even had all the tech they needed to make it happen. The problem was they just didn’t know how something worked and they were nervous about pressing buttons they didn’t understand.

And those buttons had kept them in knots for about 6 months!

I said, “If I told you the solution to that problem was under £20 per month, to just take that away from you, what would you say?”

There was silence on the other end of Skype. It would have been rude for me to interrupt at that stage.

There was a slow intake of breath and then the words, “In which case I’d say: why didnt I sort this out sooner?”

The truth is often we hit pause. We wait. We put things on hold… pontificate and procrastinate when the solution is often inexpensive and easy.

For new client number three that afternoon, removing that problem means they can potentially make those extra sales that take them to their business goal. It’s hundreds of pounds a month in income for a £20 investment.

Sometimes what we need to do is easier and cheaper than we think. We just need to know who to ask. That’s why for coaches, authors and speakers we have a team of people who can get things done. Get in touch if we can help. Use the contact us tab above and drop us a note.

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