How Julie had her best month ever. Follow in her footsteps

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The conversation began with the words:  “I’ve just had my best month ever”.

Those words came from Limelight client, Julie Ann Hart who is an intuitive working with people to improve their lives.

But let’s turn the clock back and see why that happened for Julie…

Not Selling From Sales Calls

The problem Julie had a month earlier was she was not selling from her sales calls.

Previously Julie had been mentored by several different people and the advice had been somewhat confusing.

In the main she had been told to “Sell high end programmes”. And while I like the theory of this, I’m not sure it’s always the right advice.

Where I think this advice is wrong, is if selling high priced programmes creates tension in the person selling them, or where they don’t have the confidence or maybe even the experience to do so. Sometimes in our industry there can also be an element of “who am I to say this and charge that” that gets in the way too.

In Julie’s case the “sell high end programme” advice caused her some confusion. Because of that when it came to selling her programmes she didn’t find it easy. Simply put, her sales conversations weren’t converting.

Clearly that needed to change.

Julie says, “The programs I had running didn’t serve the sales calls. That’s where the confusion was.”

Selling From Sales Calls

To make Julie’s life easier we needed to create programmes her market wanted and that she felt she could confidently sell. With our help Julie did just that.

Julie adds, “Once I had a more flexible approach it worked.”

At Limelight programme level there is a month between our calls and something I asked Julie to do in that time was to really focus on the sales side of her business using these new programmes. I also gave her some specific tasks and some templates to work from. When I spoke to her the following month her opening words were…

“I’ve just had my best month ever and the following month has been great too”.

And we love hearing stories like this. In fact, we hear them all the time. And we love that because when our clients hit their goals we know we have just made a bigger impact in the world, which is what it’s all about for us.

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