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Did you get into your line of work because you wanted to do something you felt passionate about?

While the lucky ones seem to find it easy to succeed with their passion, others find it harder. They are prone to doing something… anything… keeping busy… hoping something, some day will pay off.

Some can be a bit of a butterfly, flitting from one idea to the next, never quite being focussed for long enough… never quite settling… never quite succeeding.

Others have spent a small fortune on quick-fixes and get-rich-quick-ideas. They haven’t really worked and they are beginning to fall out of love with an idea… and ideal… they once adored.

If this is you, read on. This article will help you.

Being In Love With Your Business

Often when a client joins us in one of our 3 packages they’ve been at a plateaux for a little while. They’ve been working hard, are a bit jaded, sometimes beat up and maybe even falling out of love with their business.

And while you might be reading this article and feeling like “Yes, that’s me”, I’m writing this and able to help clients through this, because I’ve been there.

Falling in love with your business might sound a bit soft or silly to some, and good luck with that, if that’s you. Others of you will recognise that the business world is changing and people are looking to invest their money in products and services with companies that care and make them feel better (I think the banks and power company’s started us off on this one!) A business that loves their clients is one who has taken the time to honour their customers by thinking through the detail.

Taking Time To Breathe And Get Things Right

In my experience if you get the basic fundamentals right, building your business happens in natural steps. You don’t need to rush. You don’t need to panic. You don’t need to rush from one idea to the next. You don’t need to invest in the next offer that a guru makes. You keep your money, invest it when the time is right and watch your business grow.

You honour your clients by doing the best you can with the ability you have and continually improve the service you offer as income rises.

Tenderness in Business… Really?

One thing I get great pleasure out of is taking care of things and making small things matter. When you take the time to check parts of your business you notice little things and when you address them your knowledge increases, you feel more solid, more confident and know you are giving greater value to the world.

It’s not hard to do. Here’s an example…

Recently I sat with some statistics in our business and looked at what they were telling me. I had written an article on how to be a good parent for my favourite pet project, Hot Chocolate Club. That article was at number 58 in Google. I wanted a top 3 position, so I looked at what it needed and gave the article the nurture it needed to succeed. At the time of writing this post, that article is at number 2.

Because I took the time to understand what the article needed we’re now enjoying extra hits and sign-ups from that article. I guess when you give, you get!

It’s the same with clients. If you follow us on you will have seen how taking time paid off for Tim.

With Tim, we checked his stats and saw his home page was converting at just 20.95%. We took another look at it, made some changes and the conversion shot up to 36%!  Have a look at his page here –

I know we’re talking about stats here and you might wonder how you can show love or care through numbers and stats, but honestly, I think you can. They tell you a story about how you are doing in terms of connecting with people you want to meet and help. And if you want to meet lovely people and work with them, you have to create an environment for lovely people to come and find you easily.

This can mean making it easy for people to find you. It can mean making your site as attractive as you can. It can mean really thinking through your offers and the journey the client has with you.

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