How To Manage Your Energy During A Promotion Window

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Energy management is more exciting than time management.

With time management I’ve always had that feeling that someone is trying to force my efficiency. It’s like they have a secret stopwatch and are keeping note of what I did and how long it took.

On the other hand, energy management has a sense of freedom to it. I really feel it can release my power.

At 7-Figure Back Office we’re big advocates of everyone doing what they are best at. We encourage that in our growing team of experts and implementers and we encourage it in our clients too.

Yep… we’ve seen people throw themselves into a launch. They put it all in: they write the opt-in pages, the sales pages, they write the email sequences, write and deliver the presentation, do all the tech things, manage all the things that go wrong and even create the product.

Launching Fast Or Launching Slow – The Pros And Cons

If you want to launch fast (say in 14-45 days) the pressure is so intense that corners get cut – the sales copy is too short, or the presentation is rushed last minute, or the emails don’t quite have that zip they need, or something fails on the tech side. The result is a lot of stress for very little reward.

On the other side, you can launch slow. You can take your time building the pages and writing the emails and the presentations and checking and double checking all the tech and get there without the stress say in 45-90 days. But the problem is even is you do get sales do you get enough to cover the 2-3 months it took to launch?

And then you have all the business as usual stuff, right?

When does all that get done too?

And then if you don’t get the results you wanted, what then?

Most people will give up, having just had perhaps the most valuable learning experience available. And some are so exhausted they just fall into that downward spiral and beat themselves up with the results.

No… No… No… Some Things You Just Shouldn’t Do

We’ve been through this process upwards of 75 times now – in our own business and with clients. The issue we see is energy management. Using your power rather than forcing the issue on things you are not good or skilled at. In your previous launches:

  1. Did you do the things only you could do?
  2. Did you stick to what you are really passionate about?
  3. Did you get sucked into things you shouldn’t, do not need to do, didn’t have the skills to do?

For example, if you haven’t spent weeks learning to write sales and marketing copy and you don’t have the passion to analyse the market leaders, then you are probably not going to be the right person to write your marketing copy when it comes to your launch – however much you love writing. And if you sell yourself short here, you are never going to get the results you want.

So, why force it?

The False Economy – Most people trip here…

Most people’s objection at this point is the investment, because copywriting isn’t cheap. But think about it this way, if it takes a professional 2-3 days to write your sales pages is the day you force yourself to do it really going to pay off?

From an energy point of view, what if you gave that energy draining day away to a professional? The get the copy back and use parts of it in your presentation, you already have 2 parts of the process done while you did other things.

Think about it… how much stronger do you feel for outsourcing that job?

We’ve brought in a selection of “Done for you packages” for this very reasons. We’ve done this so our clients don’t need to worry about the front end of the promotion. They can focus on the delivery – the presentation and the product. This way our clients get higher results… faster.

5 Quick Tips to Help You Manage Your Energy

Here are some helpful questions:

  1. What parts of promotion should you never do?
  2. What parts of a promotion would be better handled by someone else?
  3. In the promotion where did you lose energy? Take a close look at what you were doing (and ask questions 1 & 2).
  4. Who can help you? 7-Figure Back Office may be able to help. Email jo@

How do you protect your energy during a launch? Plan your food and exercise to the maximum benefit. Have you built in short recovery breaks?

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