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In the first two hours of work this morning I was offered several marketing tactics: coaching tools, Facebook marketing, how to launch a product via a webinar and how to get more clients via tele-seminars as answers to my business problems.

If you saw those offers too, just know this…

None of them will work for you.

Here’s why…

Unfortunately, many of these kinds of offers prey on the coaches, speakers, authors and product creators in the industry who don’t yet have a strategy. As a consequence of not having a strategy these people become opportunity seekers, seduced by the gurus and sucked in by the hype.

You’ll know if you are an opportunity seeker, because you won’t have a 12 month vision or clearly defined strategy in place. You will also likely bought one or more product with your hard earned income in the hope of finding more clients, and either:

A)     done the programme and not achieved what you wanted

B)      done the programme, but not implemented

C)      Bought the programme and not even started looking at the contents

If that’s you, I’m sorry if this sounds harsh, but please stick with me for a moment. My words are only meant as tough love – because I know you have something worthwhile to share with the world and I want to help you get it out there.

With a vision and strategy in place, you know where you are going. When you know where you are going you’ll be able to see a sequence of what will work and how. The most effective marketing tools will then fall right out of the strategy and will save you thousands in unrequired products and hours of chasing clients with the wrong tactics.

Doing this is like heading straight to the goal, rather than meandering around the pitch, hoping to get a shot at some point.

Let me give you an example.

I was speaking to David recently who said to me that he needed to get better on line and find more clients. He said, “Using Social Media etc”.

I asked him where his clients came from now. And he told me all had come from either referrals or people he meets. I asked how many more clients he wanted. He said five would be ample.

My advice to David wasn’t to use more tactics like Social Media, but just refine the one he had since it was working perfectly fine.

You see, you can lose yourself in the wrong tactic for months, trying to get it to work. But when you find something that works, build around that.

You might be wondering about 7-Figure Back Office and where we fit in…

Having taken over 40 trainings and applied them where they fit with strategy, we’ve seen the results that a well deployed tactic can bring. The strategy days we have with clients are designed to get specific. We look at visions and nail down the strategy and then the tactics – never the other way around.

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