How You Can Make Sales In A Friendly, Conversational Way That’s
Not Salesy and Pushy

You are about to learn a formula that shows you how to make sales in whole new way.

This method is natural and conversational. There is no pushiness and no yucky feeling in the pit of your stomach at the end.

The method I’m about to show you also totally honours and respects the prospective buyer and helps them make an educated decision.

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How To Make Sales A Much Easier, Nicer Process That Doesn’t Feel Pushy And Salesy

I’m Neil Fellowes and along with my wife, Jo and our 7-Figure Back Office team of experts and specialists, I’ve been helping multiple clients at 7-Figure Back Office learn sales processes and install marketing and sales systems. These systems are making them excellent money in multiple ways.

What my 28 years of experience means for you is that I’m well placed to help you, because I’ve seen over and over where people struggle with sales, and how to make this a much easier and nicer process that doesn’t feel forced, pushy or salesy.

My first boss never gave me any training, he just said, watch the others and learn. About a year later that boss came down from his office with the sales figures and stood in front of the entire staff. He pointed at me and told the rest of the sales team that I was out-performing them, almost two-one on conversions. I gulped with both pride and embarrassment all at once

Gaining Sales Confidence,
So The Confidence Spills Over

By then I was reading everything I could get my hands on that covered motivation, persuasion, negotiating and selling. I was listening to tapes in my car from multi-millionaires who talked about their hot tips and negotiating tactics.

By 19 I changed jobs twice, got some formal sales training and moved through a competitive sales environment straight into management. In a branch of a business where sales were so poor 5 people were in danger of losing their jobs.

We we had to turn it around.

And we did

Within 6 months people who couldn’t sell before were selling multiple times every day and top company execs wanted to know what we’d done and how we’d done it. They wanted to know our formula and they wanted to reproduce it in their other 130 branches!

For me, the sales successes at that time came down to 3 things:

  1. What we said
  2. How we said it, and
  3. How confident a prospective client felt in what we were promising

All of which comes down to being so prepared that confidence spills over.

Over the many years since then I’ve learnt about selling through marketing and PR and I’ve invested thousands in my own development so I can really understand the psychology of persuasion, influence and motivating people to take action. I’ve written highly converting sales copy, emails, auto-responders and delivered and written presentations that sell one to many. And these are not just my own presentations, but presentations for our 7-Figure Back Office clients.

But here’s something I want to share… because I feel it’s really relevant to you… and to how you sell in a natural and authentic way

How To Sell In A Natural And Authentic Way

About 10 years ago something happened to me. It began to dawn on me that I had a tremendous amount of power to influence people and I could see that this could be used for both good and bad.

At this point I made a decision then that I’d always try to use what I know to help people make a decision for their own good. What I mean by this is that I want to help people get down off the fence and make a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ decision, but know with certainty that the decision was the right choice for them.

What that meant was I had to always look for how I can influence people to make a choice ‘for them’, but not manipulate them or push them.

Why does that matter?

It matters because for me, making sales is all about respect, service, care and integrity.

To Be Good At Sales You Just Have To
Master Two Things

All these years of training and learning have led me to believe that to be good in sales you really only need to master 2 things:

1. Your stuff and

2. The psychology of the buyer

Let’s look at your stuff…

A lot of people struggle with sales because they don’t like or enjoy the process. They see sales as a necessary evil.

Sales trainings don’t help either. Most sales trainings teach you what still feels manipulative and pushy and what you most probably want is to know just how you can make your sales calls easier, more natural and non-pushy.

And why do you want to master your stuff?

With sales mastered you can do more than achieve a goal… you can go on to live your dreams.

You can fill your programmes, sell your products, help more people and earn the money you deserve because you’ve served more people. That income might just mean a new car, a bigger home, a dream holiday, extra education for you or one of your kids, or it could mean just paying off your debts, being financially free and able to enjoy life without the worry of where the next client or sale will come from.

And that’s what I’m going to show you

Eoin McCabe

“I subsequently made 9 sales… in 10 calls”

I subsequently made 9 sales through short sales conversations. The whole process turned out to be easy and worthwhile, pulling in an instant 1500 euros for the month.

Eoin McCabe
Relationships Mentor


Nora Richardson

“I don’t have to remember scripts and I can just be me. This is a great step by step guide to sales.”

After being in business for 15 years, I still struggle with the money conversation. Over the years, I have tried many different methods but none of them sat well with me until I listened to the No Selling Sales Formula.  It really hones in on that friendly, “I’m here to help you” mindset instead of “I am just in it for the money.” I don’t have to remember scripts and I can just be me. This is a great step by step guide to sales.

Nora Richardson
Branding expert

Tim Walter

“Selling was a dirty word for me… this training showed me selling isn’t dirty, it’s being in service.”

Selling was a dirty word for me. I used to find asking people to invest scarey. My self-worth needed to change and this training showed me selling isn’t dirty, it’s being in service. I’ve since achieved a 100% sales conversion at an event!

Tim Walter
Intuitive Coach


Get the No Selling Sales Formula Now. Usually £197. Buy Today For Just £47

If you are someone who looks at sales as a necessary evil or who hates selling and finds it a difficult, unnatural and forced process then you will feel relieved by what I share in the No Selling Sales Formula.

And if you are someone who does okay with sales, but just wants to try a new, more natural process then you’ll love what I share with you in No Selling Sales Formula too.

My sales conversions right now are typically 85-95%. That’s no ordinary statistic – and that’s because most people don’t know how to achieve this kind of result

Why Most People Fail To Make Sales

Most people fail to make decent sales because


They waste their time in the wrong conversations and damage their self-esteem in the process


They hate selling because they’ve experienced bad sales people, techniques and tactics


They’ve tried selling and experienced a yucky feeling in their stomach


They don’t understand how to sell in an easy natural way or have never received any useful sales training


They find it hard to ask for the money and finish the deal

I’m going to show you:

How You Can Develop Your Own Sales Formula That Converts As Highly As 85-95%, Without Feeling Like You Are Being Salesy, Pushy Or Manipulative

So here’s my offer for you. In the sales training audio for The No Selling Sales Formula I will:


Give you the formula I use that totally respects the buyer, allows you to feel real and authentic and gets great conversion results


Show you how to get the benefits across to a new client in a gentle and easy way that comes as a natural part of a lovely conversation. I will also show you how to position the buyer in the benefit – so they can see how your solution will work for them


Show you how to generate quality leads and only ever speak to the right people – people who are ready, willing and able to take advantage of what you offer. Getting this right is a critical part of the process


Show you how to create a partnership with your prospective clients, so they see you are there to help and serve them


Give you a sales training like no other where you will learn my formula for sales success – a method that’s easy to follow and natural, conversational and not at all pushy


Show you how to avoid that yucky feeling in your stomach during a sales conversation


Show you the mindset for successful selling – I will cover the starting assumptions, the mindset of the conversationand even show youhow to handle the tension when you ask for the sale

On top of all that I will also give you my sales check sheet too. This covers the basic format of my sales calls. There are no manipulative processes in this. It encourages conversation, serves your client and is easy to use. This will help you stay on track and navigate your sales calls.

You’ll see this programme advertised on our website for £197. It’s totally worth it at the full price. But if you are thinking this sounds good, then why not go ahead and get it now and save yourself £150 right now.

What I mean is this: I’m going to give you this now with £150 off, which means you can get The No Selling Sales Formula for just £47, if you buy today. Just click below and get your copy now.

Get the No Selling Sales Formula Now. Usually £197. Buy Today For Just £47

bonus 1

The first bonus gives you an insight into the different personalities you will come across on a sales call. It shows you how you can best serve them and how different personalities can make you feel tense or pressured in a call. This knowledge transformed how I was able to be of greater service with potential clients. It made me more aware of who I am in the conversation and the different needs of different personality types. So this is a really fascinating audio that really will open your mind.

Bonus 2

I’m also going to give you an audio where I role play 4 different scenarios, so you can hear me selling and hear how I do it. You will hear role played conversations that show you how I sell from £100pm to £18,000 per year, so you can see the whole process in action as I go through three packages. PLUS you will also hear me demonstrate how I bespoke something in the moment when the client needs something different to our usual packages.

Get the No Selling Sales Formula Now. Usually £197. Buy Today For Just £47

Let me just say a little more here about the investment.

It’s JUST £47. And that’s not a lot of money. With one sale you, using this very natural process, you’ll have your money back and you’ll learn a process that will serve you through the rest of your business life and feel easy, natural and non-pushy.

I’ve used this process to make sales from £100 up to £18,000, so it works at whatever level you are selling at.

And £47… you could spend £47 on a meal and drinks for 2 or 3 people, but what I’ll share with you isn’t going to be a memory in a couple of hours time. It’s something that can serve you day after day.

I hope you’ll take advantage of the offer to get The No Selling Sales FormulaNow for just £47.

Just click the button below, enter your credit card details. Our system will take care of the rest. And in a few moments you will be starting a sales training that won’t feel like selling.

Get the No Selling Sales Formula Now. Usually £197. Buy Today For Just £47

Best wishes