How Rhian Filled Her Event In 90 Days

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I want to tell you Rhian’s story. It’s a lot like many others and even a lot like my own.

Sometimes you don’t see the opportunity that’s lurking in the shadow. And there’s a price to pay for that…

That price is missed clients, lost money and people suffering who need your help.

And because you don’t see that chance you miss the chance to shine your light.

Those of you who are coaches are trained to in turning the dark into light for others, but it’s not that easy when it comes to your own life and business, is it?

I can relate to this. For a long time I resisted getting help, because I felt as though I should know all the answers. But I have to say, in hindsight, that sometimes getting help has been a saviour.

The Need To Step Away And Find A New Angle

There are times that we need to step away and look at things from a new angle or perspective.

Here’s why…

We can try what we know. We can try what we believe to be correct. But that just gets us what we already have and believe.

In order to get something new, different and better we need to know what we don’t know and find a higher belief than we previously held about ourselves and the situation we are in. If you don’t you go around in that horrid vicious circle, until you give up, get exhausted or go broke.

This is what happened with Rhian Sherrington…

Speaking to Rhian is easy. She’s got a lovely open energy. She’s honest about her strengths and weaknesses and when she makes her mind up to do something she goes after it 100%. As a result I predict she’ll go far.

Exploring The Challenge From A New Perspective

Rhian wanted to expand beyond where she had got to, so in our Limelight session that’s what we did.

Rhian Sherrington head shot low resRhian says, ‘I knew I needed a way to access my ideal clients but couldn’t work out how. Neil saw in my block the opportunity and as soon as he said it, I felt an intuitive connection that this was the way I should go.’

The first thing Rhian and I did was explore her expertise and find out what she’s great at. We then found out what she’s not so good at and needs help with. We talked about people she had credibility and empathy with. We dug in and found their problem. Then we talked about Rhian’s solution to that problem.

Things began to fall into place. We soon discovered a way that played to Rhian’s strengths and that put her right at the core of the problem, where she could be viewed as the expert she really is.

Rhian loves public speaking, so it made sense for her to run an event. Within 90 days she’d done just that. Sixty-six women came to her event and she was immediately seen as a woman of influence in her sector.

As a result of creating this event Rhian says, ‘I’ve doubled my list with folks from my target market, had two direct approaches for my services straight away and some great relationships established with the very people I was struggling to get in front of’.

If you’ve seen our FREE video training series, you’ll know that I said “There are many different strategies and we are always helping our clients find the right one for them. It’s fun for us and often a relief for them. But sometimes, like in Rhian’s case, you just need a little nudge in the right direction.

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