Only say yes to the right things

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We spend years trying to attract the world to our mission and message through our marketing, but when your message finally gets out there will you be ready for the deluge that comes your way?

Interesting question?

Don’t put your head in the sand now…

This is an important question.

One of the first 7-Figure Back Office clients had the kind of profile where they attracted a lot of attention. That attention attracted 1000’s of visitors to their website, but the problem was they didn’t have their website setup to generate leads and sales, so they got a lower return on all the outreach they had mastered.

Work we’ve done with our clients has been to elevate their profile with top industry names in 3-6 months.

(Yes, it can happen that quickly!).

A New Habit For Getting Big Results

When this happens opportunities begin to fly in at the rate of distraction. This is when we move to a new level with our clients and begin to help them choose the right opportunities at the right time. The reason for this is we know when a client’s says, “Yes” to something not in their goals and strategy, they are saying “No” to their goal.

Just take a pause now:

  1. Remind yourself… “What are my goals again?”
  2. Now look at every item in your diary for the next 2 weeks, which meeting or actions will move that goal closer? Which are distractions?

Get in the habit of only putting things in your diary that will achieve your goal.   And don’t delude yourself…  Be honest!

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