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Are you the bottleneck in your business?

As a founder & Purpose Driven Leader of a personality brand in Health & Wellness you may be the block, stopping your business from scaling.

Growth comes from completing projects, compartmentalising your business into projects and effective delegation. This keeps you doing what you should be doing, whilst leaving the rest of the tasks to skilled professionals, who can do the work better than you, giving you great ROI and increasing your sales, systems & reputation in the industry.

With each and every positive result you get from allowing us to Project Manage areas of your business, the more you can go back to spending time on the ‘delivery’ aspect of the business – the part you love to do and likely the reason you started the business in the first place!

Our Packages

Diamond Ideas

Quickly and easily discover your next right move

A challenge you may often face is knowing which idea to implement next.

A lot of entrepreneurs have more ideas than they have time for. Many also struggle to evaluate which ideas will help them grow, and which will take them off track.

When this happens the entrepreneur will try one thing after another and may have their confidence knocked or become increasing frustrated.

Your idea stands a better chance of success when you run it through filters.

At 7-Figure Back Office we have our clients take ideas through 9-filters before they get started.

The filters:

Help you understand the ideas purpose in greater detail

Expand and explore the vision for the idea

Understand the pitfalls and risks so you can avoid them

Help you decide the right timing for this idea

It takes us less than 90 minutes to complete these 9 filters with you. It may save you months in lost time and it may double, triple or even quadruple your expected income.

Allow us to help. The investment for this invaluable exploration is a very worthwhile £147.

Insights That Impact

Most entrepreneur make decisions on gut feel. But what happens when the data contradicts your instinct. One of our clients was about to pull a 6-figure income stream because they felt it wasn’t working, but the data told a different story…

How many decisions are you making on instinct alone? Doing this is like trying to walk on one leg. Our Insights That Impact develops a flight-deck that helps inform your decisions and check again your gut feelings.

It will help you:

Know where the interest in your business is being generated, and where your marketing efforts are not giving you a return on investment

Follow the vital conversions from as we track interest from your community right through your value funnel

Project your future based on current numbers and know where you can give or receive more value in the funnel

Profitable Product Launch

You’ve created a product and you want to launch it. You believe the world needs this and you want to get it to the masses. The question you want to answer is: “how?”

To profitably launch a product there are multiple factors and scenarios to consider, and if you’re not yet successfully launching online, you WILL gain a great deal of reassurance, understanding and greater success from our Profitable Product Launch Package.

With Profitable Product Launch we will:

Map out the project aims, work out if they are achievable, and if not, we work out how it can become achievable

Assess your systems, processes, and team to ensure you have what a successful launch requires

Build timelines and budgets

Lay out a weekly, step-by-step plan – including milestones and provisions for what can go wrong

Create a “Rinse and Repeat” launch plan 

If you want our team to Project Manage and implement your launch we can step in and take that off your hands too.

Online Presence Creation

You are creative and have great product ideas. You also have existing successful income streams that need managing. The problem is you don’t have the time to build something new while delivering against existing commitments.

At 7-Figure Back Office we give you the room to breathe, helping you focus on delivery, while we plan the systems, processes and team for your new income stream so it produces consistent revenue for years to come.

This package is perfect for memberships, online courses, products, and programmes.

With Online Presence Creation we will:

Do the detective work, analyzing product potential in the market before you invest time, energy and money. It reassures you that this is (or isn’t) the right product for you

Get a deep understanding of your markets needs

Understand the best delivery methods for your new product

Budget out the costs

If you want our team to Project Manage and implement your Online Presence Creation we can step in and take that off your hands too.

Ready to Make your life EASIER and SCALE your business in the next 90 days?