Sharpen Your Business Skills

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So often we find talented people adding qualifications to their already impressing list of skills.  They can get caught up in ‘if I just become qualified in that area too THEN I’ll have lots of clients’.

Of course it’s great to hone your skills and grow yourself, but are you developing in the right area?

When we start working with talented entrepreneurs they are extremely qualified in their specialist area, but not necessarily in the areas that will attract them more clients, bring in a constant flow of leads or systems and processes that will make serving new clients simple and easy.

This week list down what business skills you have and what ones are missing from your business.  Mark next to each one on the ‘missing’ list if it can be outsourced (i.e. Emails) or if it can only be done by you (i.e. Sales). Priorities these two new lists and pick the highest priority from each to take action on.  Give yourself a timeframe in which to have the task outsourced and when learning your new business skill will begin.


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