Speeding Up Your Way To Wealth

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Speeding up your wealth as a coach, speaker or author isn’t as complicated as you might think.

Let me explain…

In its simplest terms you need to move into “high value time”. What I mean is TIME where you can leverage your expertise and earn more money.

It doesn’t really matter whether you are just starting off or if you have been at it for a decade, the chances are you can leverage your time better than you currently are.

As a coach, authors and speakers, your highest points of leverage are when you are with clients, writing and speaking. In order to leverage your time, you just need to increase the amount of time you spend in that area of your business.

The Biggest Single Mistake When Trying To Increase Your Income

The inclination most authors, speakers and coaches have when I say this is to start thinking about hiring a VA so they can release more time to get more opportunities. But is this really the right thing to do?

For me, hiring a VA at this point wouldn’t add much value. In fact, it can create a cost to the business that often doesn’t get a return on investment.

As someone who spends a lot of time thinking about strategy, my move would be different…

Rather than a VA, I’d hire someone who can create more leverage – someone who can generate more opportunities for you in line with your income goals.

For example, if you want more clients, all you need to do is find someone who knows how to tap pools of people where your ideal clients exist.

This releases you from making (or looking for those opportunities all alone). Finding someone in the flow of business where you are niched will certainly speed up your way to wealth.

Here at 7 Figure one way we help our clients speed up their way to wealth is by creating a strategy that builds their credibility in their niche. While we do that we list build and we put new prospects in front of the client’s simultaneously.

No VA would put 800 on your mailing list, add 50 sales and build your credibility in 30 days?

Today, make sure you are hiring the right kind of help that can strategically move your business forward. VA’s have their place too, but not always where and when you think.

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