If you are struggling with prices, packages and selling…

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Pricing, packages and selling are 3 places where we unstick clients at 7-Figure Back Office.

Wilma Allan put it like this…

“I was feeling uncomfortable about my price points and I was lacking confidence in my strategy conversations. I needed to pin down my price points and I needed to add some substance to my strategy calls.”

If that sounds familiar, then keep reading…

The Secret Sauce For Pricing, Packages And Selling

At 7-Figure Back Office we’re big believers in putting clients first. We like to understand who our client’s clients’ are, what challenges them and how we’re going to fix that. Some people call it niching. We call it respect.

Respecting who your client is and their challenges shifts the solution conversation from that horrible tense pushy feel to a comfortable conversation that comes across as thoughtful and supportive.

From a perspective client’s angle, it’s the difference between talking to someone who gets you and someone who wants to sell you stuff.

It shifts things from selling to nurture.

You know their needs… They know you can help…

So the question then becomes do: we like each other and shall we solve this together?

Predicting A Client’s Needs – Cos You Know…

With Wilma Allen we got to work, helping her re-structure prices and packages and helping her with useful language so she could support her prospects at all levels.

Simply put, she now really understood her clients and could almost predict their needs. This put her in control, which is important because when a prospect comes to you, they often come to you because they are out of control and need your help to get them back on track.

Wilma noticed how 7-Figure Back Office are an example of this. In her monthly conversations with us as a Limelight client, Wilma noticed how we are able to support her in so many ways.

She says, “You hold people as powerful, even at those times when they can’t do it for themselves. You make me stretch, you support me at all levels and you take care of the behind the scenes stuff – which is a massive relief! I really feel I am no longer alone building my business.”

The Personal Touch

And I think three words in Wilma said about us, hit the nail on the head for forward thinking entrepreneurs: “no longer alone”…

In a world that moves so fast, with so much focus on passive income and impersonal service, the person who cares will stand out head and shoulders above the rest, especially if they really do care and if that care goes beyond a normal business transaction.

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