The Implementation Plan That Earns You Money

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Great ideas are just great ideas unless you have an implementation plan.

Without an implementation plan people get stuck. They procrastinate. They become uncertain about what to do and later their ability to anything. They also invest in magic pills that rarely seem to work.

What this means is you are not moving forward. Your income falls instead of grows and is far lower than it should be. It also means you probably leak money by investing in things you really don’t need.

Without an implementation plan you try harder, work longer, get more frustrated, invest in wrong people and wrong things and generally don’t get value for money. In short, you sink the ship!

Contrast this with an implementation plan…

With an implementation plan you navigate the ship. You know what’s needed and when. You invest where you can get a return on the investment and you get results!

Finding An Implementation Plan That Works For You

Over the last few years we’ve worked with many clients on implementation plans. We have found that different people have different goals. That means they need different plans. The implementation plans we create also take into account the different starting point a client is at.

Through a course of discussion, goal setting and strategy we can boil down everything in a clients mind. We can work out a strategy and then work out a very specific implementation plan.

In our free video training series (above right) we show you more on this topic as we talk about a book launch and talk you through an example.

The Problems With An Implementation Plan And How To Avoid It

The problem many people have with an implementation plan they create alone is: not knowing exactly what to do when. What I mean is that many people waste a lot of time implementing the wrong things at the wrong time. This affects their results. It causes delays and costs them money.

If you don’t have the experience to know what to do when, it’s certainly worth buying in that help. Often getting someone with experience to give you the implementation plan isn’t as expensive as you might think and it’s certainly not as expensive as you implement the wrong things (or you paying someone), only to discover later what the right things are and then having to redo everything.

An implementation plan can be a plan that comes out of the strategy day we spend with our Stage Support clients,

Equally, a smaller implementation plan will come during our one hour sessions with our Limelight clients. Here, the implementation might come down to the to-dos and structure surrounding blog posts. It could equally be an implementation plan that gets them to more speaking gigs or that converts more traffic on their website.

An Implementation Plan in Action

I fill my diary each week on a Thursday for the following week. Mornings are booked out to implementation. Afternoons are booked out to clients and prospective clients. That means I have practically 180 minutes every day focused on my implementation plan.

Each week I focus on the highest priorities to implement from my implementation plan. My plan doesn’t include anything that allows me to hide from the outside world. I’m not focussed on web pages or admin. I’m focussed on what gets our business out there and generates an income. I suggest as an author, speaker and coach you do the same if you want to grow your income fast.

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