Attraction Marketing – is it a mystery to you?

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We’ve all heard of the law of attraction, and we’ve come across attraction coaches and people talking about attraction marketing. And it all sounds really nice, but how do you do it?

Before we look at what attraction marketing is, let’s look at what it isn’t.

Attraction marketing isn’t turning up to a networking event and boring everyone to death with your service. It’s also not bombarding the people you bored with emails about stuff they were not interested in when they met you the first time.

Attraction marketing isn’t going onto Linked-in, sending friend requests and then sending your marketing info before you’ve even said a proper “hello”. In fact, it’s best not to do it even after a proper hello.

Attraction marketing also isn’t about plastering marketing message on to your Facebook or Twitter.

A good rule of thumb is to think if it feels pushy, it probably is. And pushy’s not attractive, is it?

What is Attraction Marketing?

Attraction Marketing is about pull, rather than push.

In fact, attraction marketing is what it says, “attractive”.

Think of it like dating…

You want to feel good and look your best. If you want a relationship to last it’s got to be honest and you have to have integrity. You’ll need to be loveable. You’ll need to be capable of love and capable of receiving it too. If you want the love to be deep and exciting you’ll need to throw yourself into it…

Make a personal investment…

Make sacrifices…

Even open up your soul…

Discovering together.

Why does attraction marketing work?

Attraction marketing works because it’s real. It’s authentic. It’s honest. And with a shift in global consciousness it’s the way people want to be treated.

None of us want to be a sales statistic or a number or someone uncared for. But we all want to be part of something that’s useful and going somewhere. We all want to associate to people, things and organisations that have meaning to us and resonate with us.

When you can do this attraction marketing begins to work for you…


Because people are drawn to you. The love you, not just because you love them, but because of how you love them.

How Do You “Do” Attraction Marketing

I don’t think you do, do attraction marketing. In my experience (and I’ve had a bit) when you try to do, do to people… you end up looking like do-do.

Attraction marketing is actually about being.

All the rules of friendship apply. It’s about who you want to be associated with. It’s about being shoulder-to-shoulder with people. It’s about sharing values. Being happy to hang out together. Striving for the same things…

That kind of stuff.

But more…

It’s about recognising that your client’s success is your success, and your success is there success. When you realise that you find the best way to work together. You don’t create product for your clients. You create it with them. You build it to their specifications. That’s how our Limelight package sold out

When you share that kind of relationship with people the passion you create in the relationship can’t be replicated and the competition just can’t supersede it.


Because it’s not a about product feature nor a marketing benefit. It can’t be replicated.

Like with a relationship, attraction marketing is cyclical. You give. They give. You give more. They give more.

Food for thought with your attraction marketing?

Think about your marketing… is your marketing attractive?

Are you building relationships with clients and prospective clients?

Are you developing products and services for your clients or with them?

How many ways are you showing clients you love them?

Let’s delve into attraction marketing more when we speak next. Let’s really help you develop that queue of ready suitors lining up to become your next clients and customers.

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