The No Selling Sales Formula

  • Your No Selling Sales Formula Sales Training

    In this training I give you the formula I use that totally respects the buyer. It allows you to feel real and authentic and gets great conversion results from your sales conversations. Here I show you how to get the benefits across to a new client in a gentle and easy way that comes as a natural part of a lovely conversation
    I’ll also show you the mind-set of selling, the assumptions I start from and how to handle the tension that comes when you ask for the sale and the money. Knowing this makes the part of the call where you ask for money so much easier.
    In this training I also show you how to generate quality leads and how to avoid time wasters and people who just want free. This is a critical part of the process.

  • Your No Selling Sales Formula Check-Sheet

    Your No Selling Sales Formula Check-Sheet
    Here is my sales check sheet. This covers the basic format of my sales calls. It’s simple to follow. So, this will help you stay on track and navigate your sales calls.

  • Bonus Number 1

    This promised bonus gives you an insight into the different personalities you will come across on a sales call. It shows you how you can best serve them and how different personalities can make you feel tense or pressured in a call. This knowledge transformed how I was able to be of greater service with potential clients. It made me more aware of who I am in the conversation and the different needs of different personality types. This is a really fascinating audio that will open your mind.

  • Bonus Number 2

    This audio gives you 4 role played scenarios so you can hear me selling and hear how I do it. You will hear role played conversations that show you how I sell from £175pm to £18,000 per year, so you can see the whole process in action as I go through three packages. PLUS you will also hear me demonstrate how I bespoke something in the moment when the client needs something different to our usual packages.