Don't underestimate the power inside youNever underestimate the power inside you.

Never underestimate what you can achieve.

Never put yourself down.

But do focus on what will make your life an amazing adventure and your business as a coach, author and speaker something that will change the world. But there’s something about what I just said…

It’s easier said than done, isn’t it?

Like me, you may be clear on the purpose of what you want to achieve. You may have a clear vision and even worked out the strategy. But do you get distracted? Does life intervene?

Here are 5 tips for retaining focus and getting traction on any life goal:

  1. write down your goals and I am statementBe really clear on what you want to achieve. Be really fussy over the wording. Get emotion into it, put a date on it and make an “I am” statement. For example, there’s a big difference between saying “I want to earn £30,000 each month to saying “I am seeing £30,000 effortlessly flow into my bank accounts each month and I am celebrating on the beach with friends in November.”
  2. When you write out your goal make every word count. Make it short and consider every word to have a value of £1000 or more.
  3. Write an affirmation about the goal at your best and highest. For example, “I am bringing presence and love to every action.”
  4. Read your goal and affirmation 3 times each day, put on some background music that stirs up some emotion and visualise the goal unfolding. Feel the excitement, the love and the relief.
  5. Then go and be that.

About Jo Fellowes

With 25 years in business management, team development & digital marketing, Jo Fellowes understands what personality brands in personal development, health and well-being require to be successful.

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