The Reason Why Goals Remain Out Of Reach

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Have you ever wondered why you keep trying to start something new, but month after month, or year after year never seem to get any further forward? This article will explain why and help you change that…

For most people reading this article the issue isn’t a lack of ideas. It’s actually which idea to focus on and how to make money from it that troubles you.

Over the years I’ve seen many people give up an idea without breaking through. It wasn’t that the idea was bad, it’s just that the idea didn’t get enough impetus.

The reason why Goals remain out of reachThere’s a promotion we’ve been working away on for roughly six months now. At the time of writing this article I could have given it up maybe 3 times, because it’s exceeded the time I allowed for it and didn’t get the results I hoped for, but I’ve persevered, changing the approach as it felt right to do so. And I’m glad I persevered because the promotion is now just starting to create some traction. Had I given up, we’d have lost out on that and it would have been an idea for the scrap heap.

Navigating To Achieve An Outcome.

But how did we persevere?

How did we navigate?

7-Figure Back Office mentoring clients will likely tell you that I’m a firm believer in creating rhythms. As an ex-drummer, I understand timing well and I also understand how to use it in a business.

Anything you want to succeed with needs a rhythm. Without them goals will remain out of reach.

A goal needs to be given time to work towards. Ideally it will have a regular time i.e. daily or weekly and you need to be consistent.

Let me give you 5 rhythms and some examples of what you can do:

  1. Sales and Marketing
    Without sales and marketing growth is pretty impossible. It’s therefore probably the most important business rhythm. If you have a sales goal then it’s the sales rhythm that will or won’t produce the results. Look at your diary now and highlight the chunks of time you have designated to getting new leads and sales over the last month. If you find that you have just a few hours designated to the task and you are struggling then you have just found the reason why the business isn’t growing. If you want to move your business forward quickly set aside a time each day – say 90 minutes – and focus on making sales a daily rhythm.
  2. Finances and wealth accumulation
    Do you have a regular check in? Do you know right now how much income you have produced today, this week or this month? Do you know your expenses in the last 30 days and roughly what they could be in the next 90? Do you know how much you grew or shrunk by financially last month?If you have a financial rhythm you’ll know the answer to this. If you haven’t then maybe it’s time to get into the habit of checking your income daily or weekly. Pay your bills monthly, use a spreadsheet to total your income or expenses or buy accounting software like Xero. Also create a financial dashboard where you can see the monthly growth.
  3. A strong team
    It’s hard trying to do it all alone, which is why you want to have team. And like you, your team will likely want to feel part of something bigger, so it’s important that you get to talk to your team players on a regular basis, to update them as well as to inspire them. This could be a weekly rhythm or it can be a monthly rhythm, but the important thing is you know when you will be checking in with people and how often. If you don’t, motivation in the relationship will drop and the relationship won’t be as strong as it could be.
  4. A strong brand
    A great brand isn’t given birth overnight. It takes time to think through, to develop, to nurture, to grow and deepen and you need to give it time. Every month we move our brand forward. It starts in a monthly meeting with our brand expert where we speak about how we are progressing with our brand and what we want to achieve in the next month.
  5. Optimum performance
    To do your best, you will need to be at your best. If you are stressed and haggard, burnt out or anxious you won’t achieve your best, so as much as you need the other 4 rhythms you need a peak performance rhythm – a way of working that helps you easily be at your best. Even athletes need time for rest and recovery and you’ll see top sports teams rest and recover even in the midst of playing a highly competitive match. This rhythm can make or break you.

Without a rhythm a goal is little more than a wish. As you finish reading this article please just take a moment to consider your most important goal right now and think about the rhythm that will support its outcome.

The foundation for this article comes from helping our clients develop these rhythms through our mentoring, accountability and management packages.  Click here to see more.

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