Why Steve Jobs Wouldn’t Let His Kids Use A Tablet And Why I Had To Buy One

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Why Steve Jobs Wouldn’t Let His Kids Use A Tablet And Why I had To Buy OneAre you keeping pace with all the tech changes… the phones, the tablets, the apps and responsive websites?

Tech is moving at an almost bewildering pace. I love what it can do, but I also like to be disengaged from it. I’ve never hooked up my emails or Facebook updates etc to my phone. There’s a simple reason for it…

Whistles, bells and vibrates hook the brain. They pull it in and make it wonder, who and what. For me, when I’m out with a client, I’m with the client. I want my brain to be creative. When I get back in the car, I’m in the car. I want a breather, a moment to be, so I can feel my best for whatever happens next.

In a way, I am blessed because Jo and our team at 7-Figure Back Office are amazing with tech. I like to know what it can do and sometimes I dabble – which is often followed with a hasty cry for help.

Why Steve Jobs Wouldn’t Let His Kids Use A Tablet And Why I had To Buy OneSteve Jobs was once asked by a New York Times reporter if his kids were loving the ipad. Jobs responded: “They haven’t used it. We limit how much technology our kids use at home.”

Apparently there is a trend in Silicon Valley where the Execs even send their kids to non-tech schools so they don’t miss out on creativity and the wonder of life!

Interesting point…

But do you feel the need to keep up, to buy and try the latest, if only to see what your websites updates look like on different devices?

Do you love tech or hate it?

And can you now live without it?

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