You Are Making Simple Goal Setting Mistakes In Your Business

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Nicky Marshall at Holistic Insights  is going to go make a big splash this year. I say this with all confidence because she’s taken advice I gave her into her heart and acted on it.

Let me tell you what she’s doing so you can learn from her…

The advice I gave Nicky through our monthly Limelight Programme Calls  comes from several years of practice on my own account.

Let me explain…

The Biggest Goal Setting Mistake

When I set my annual goals, it’s never done in a day. And you shouldn’t either. It would be a big mistake to do so. Here’s why…

What you invest your time, energy and money into is too important to make an off the cuff decision about and if you choose to focus on the wrong goal you’ll end the year further away from where you wanted to be than you started.

I choose my biggest annual goal over an eight week period and sometimes take hours over choosing the wording for that goal. It’s important to do this, because it increases your desire, focus and awareness.

But as Nicky discovered it doesn’t stop there…

Breaking The Goal Down

In December I sat down with Nicky and we took time to go over her potential goals. She described that time together as “a magical conversation”

She says, “I think one of the things entrepreneurs feel is overwhelmed. You wear so many hats, have so many responsibilities and I personally find myself running tasks through my head hoping I don’t let something drop. What I loved about my conversation with Neil was the simplicity he helped me create. The goals became clearer. But there were still too many.”

Do you see what Nicky said there about her goals: “There were still too many.”

When I set my own goals I take around 50 goals, down to 10, then down to about 5. But I then create an overriding, single goal. In the last 9 months that focus in business led to me selling out two programmes.

Having had my own successes, I was able to share the process with Nicky (and in turn with you now).

Creating Simple Clarity So Your Goal is Achievable

In Nicky’s next Limelight call there were still too many “what ifs” and “maybes”.

You have to cut through goals and decide where your resources will be best deployed. You have to be prepared to postpone some goals and develop simple clarity on the one that matters so it burns its way into your every action.

With Nicky the goal is a financial one, which breaks down into doing two actions – filling the pipeline with leads from joint ventures and finding 3 new clients each month.

All other tasks naturally begin to fall away, freeing up time to focus.

Nicky is a determined and strong minded woman and we know she will serve more people at a deeper level as she guides them to create space, clarity and energy so they can live the life of their dreams too!

We love working with people like Nicky through Limelight. It’s fantastic to help people who genuinely care about others and who help more people make their world and experience in life better. It makes every day we have at 7-Figure Back Office worthwhile and purposeful for us.

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